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The Significant Legal Requirements for Establishing a Company According to the Saudi Arabian System

  • 19 Feb, 2023

Searching for specialists in the field of establishing companies is a necessary issue, and an item that cannot be overlooked for business owners and investors who always seek success in their first steps, and to proceed in accordance with the controls and standards set by the executive regulations of the Saudi corporate system.

The Saudi Companies Law defines a company as a contract concluded between two or more parties, whereby each of them contributes a share of money or work to establish a project and achieve profits that are divided based on the share of each partner. The first step that should be taken is to contract with a lawyer specialized in the field of establishing companies. He can carry out his duties in a legal and sound manner, avoiding any future problems, which we will explain in the following lines.

Do you want to start establishing your own company?

The proactive step in company establishment procedures is to choose the type of company you plan to establish. The system has specified the types of companies in Saudi Arabia as follows:

  1. Joint liability company.
  2. Joint stock company.
  3. Limited liability company.
  4. Limited partnership company.
  5. Joint venture company.
  6. Professional company.
  7. The cooperative company.
  8. The foreign company.

You can contact our office to learn about the details of each type of company in Saudi Arabia, and the conditions and procedures for establishing them.

The most important procedures necessary for establishing companies in general:

The new Saudi Companies Law specifies the procedures for establishing a company as follows:

  1. Preparing the required documents and papers.
  2. Choose the company’s trade name and reserve it at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  3. Submit an official application to establish the company.
  4. Obtaining initial approval for the location of the company’s establishment from the Saudi Civil Defense.
  5. Extracting the company’s commercial register.
  6. Pay company establishment fees.

The most important documents required to complete company establishment procedures are the submission of copies of the identity or passport of the company owner, a copy of the company’s commercial registry and the bank account registered in its name, and the document related to its headquarters, the “ownership or lease contract,” in addition to the contract concluded between the contracting parties, which includes: All information, data and provisions related to the company are accompanied by the signature of each party.

To ensure the authenticity of the required documents and instruments and to begin the company establishment procedures, you can contact our office to obtain all the legal advice that will help you complete the establishment process in a proper legal manner, after ensuring that your company conforms to the conditions stipulated by the Companies Law and its executive regulations.

Part of our services in the field of establishing companies:

The company establishment service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the services provided in our office, and many other related services fall under it, including:

  1. Legal consultation service related to the types of companies and the conditions and procedures for establishing each of them.
  2. The service of drafting and reviewing companies’ incorporation contracts and preparing all contracts, regulations and documents required in the incorporation process.
  3. Service for following up company establishment procedures with all relevant official authorities.

Why are we your best choice for company establishment services?

Do not waste a lot of your time and effort searching for a company establishment lawyer who will ensure that you start your project on sound legal foundations. We promise to provide you with our services at the highest level of quality, efficiency and professionalism that will save you time, effort and money, and give you legal protection that will avoid exposure to any risks. future, while ensuring the protection of the privacy and confidentiality of your data and information.

Follow with us the details of the services we provide to you related to establishing companies of all types, as we put in your hands our experience that extends for many years in supporting and growing companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also always stay informed of updates to the new Saudi companies’ system in a way that guarantees you We carry out our legal duties in the best possible way.

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