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Trademark Registration and its Role in Protecting and Growing your Company

  • 20 Aug, 2023

Did you know that branding is an asset to your business and can also help your business succeed and grow? More details about trademark registration, its role in protecting and growing your economic entity, and how you can obtain the best related legal services, you can find in the following lines.

What is a brand and what is its importance for business?

A trademark is a logo or trade name that customers use to identify a specific product or service and is an important business asset that helps build trust between the company and customers, enhances brand loyalty and increases its revenues and market share.

Registered trademarks provide legal protection for you as a trademark owner, protect your company from imitation, counterfeiting and exploitation, help you determine the quality of your products or services provided and provide a distinctive customer experience, thus building a good reputation for the company and increasing its value in the market.

A brand distinguishes your product or service from its counterparts in the market, and this distinction is your capital, as customers immediately know that you are the person they are buying from, and they are unlikely to look for an alternative as long as they trust your business.

What is the trademark registration process and how can one obtain legal trademark protection?

Trademark registration is the procedure by which legal protection is provided to your company. The procedures and requirements for trademark registration vary from one country to another. The registration process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your trademark to be registered is not identical to other trademarks in the market, through the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.
  2. Verifying the availability of the conditions required to complete the trademark registration process in the Kingdom.
  3. Submit a registration application to the competent authority, provided that the application includes specific information about the trademark, its owner, and the products or services associated with it.
  4. Study the application and verify that the conditions are met.
  5. Publication of the registered trademark in official newspapers for a period of 60 days to provide the opportunity for other parties to submit their objections.
  6. Issuing a decision approving the registration application in the absence of any objections or intellectual property claims.
  7. Issuing the final registration certificate after paying the prescribed fees.
  8. Renewal of trademark registration after the expiry of the initial protection period of ten years. Registration can be renewed for additional periods of 10 years each time.

The system of protected trademarks includes the prohibition of their use by other parties without obtaining permission from the trademark owner, and the right to take legal action against violators and demand financial compensation for any damage to the trademark owner.

The most important differences between registered and unregistered trademarks?

Unregistered trademarks do not enjoy many of the advantages that registered trademarks enjoy. The following is an explanation of the most important of these advantages:

  1. Legal protection that prohibits other parties from using the registered trademark without permission from its owner.
  2. Private property is officially owned by its owners.
  3. Official recognition from government agencies and other institutions.
  4. Subject to local and international laws and regulations.
  5. Effectiveness in protecting the products and services to which it is linked.
  6.  They have a high market value and are considered tradable and transferable commercial assets.

Are you looking for legal protection for your trademark? If the answer is yes, then you need the services of a lawyer specialized in trademark registration. Do not hesitate to contact us, as our team understands the importance of the trademark for your business, and provides you with all relevant legal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as: searching for similar trademarks, Submitting applications for registration, permanent monitoring of the trademark, renewing registration after the expiration of the protection period, and so on.

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