Services we Offer

At Al-Shanawani Legal Services, we are proud to provide efficient, high-quality legal solutions, which include the following:

Commercial Cases

We assist you in making your company legally sound through our legal advice that ensures you are compliant. These services include supply contracts, commercial documents, and contracting, among other services.

Administrative Cases

We are highly experienced in resolving disputes between departments and individuals, which helps in stabilizing the administrative systems’ in the Kingdom and protecting the rights of individuals. These services include compensation claims, administrative disputes, and other services.

Labor Cases

The processes involved with labor cases can be time consuming, starting with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development ending with the invitation. For this reason, we offer you services in accordance with the laws and regulations in the Kingdom to save on time and expense. These services include wages and end-of-service benefits, settlement clearances, and contract drafting.

Personal Status Cases

These cases are the most common that courts receive, and due to their large number, we carefully attend to these types of cases to protect the rights of everyone involved. Our services include authenticating marriage contract or annulments, procedures related to alimony matters, and the liquidation of estates.

Real Estate Cases

Real estate ventures represent a large part of the economic activity in the Kingdom; thus, we aim to represent your real estate company with professionalism and transparency. Our team is experienced in reviewing and drafting real estate contracts, deed extracts, and proof of ownership. In addition, we also have experience in resolving real estate disputes related to eviction and renting.

Criminal Cases

We are experienced with judicial representation in relation to criminal cases, guaranteeing the rights of public and private individuals.

Transparency and security are key components of our work; therefore, we endeavor to protect individuals from criminal activity, such as personal, financial, and property crimes.

Our services in this sector include ensuring people are protected from digital fraud, cases of forgery, extortion, data theft, and other digital crimes.

Corporate Services

We provide companies with professional legal support to ensure the success of their operations. Our service include drafting and reviewing articles of incorporation and partner decisions, transferring the legal entity of companies, mergers, acquisitions, and other services.

Intellectual Property

Al Shanawani Lawyers provide services to protect the Intellectual property rights of your business from copyright violation and imitation, so you can rest assured your patent is protected.

Compliance and Governance

In order for companies to operate successfully and independently, there must be a system of governance that manages them efficiently. We manage our services with transparency and integrity under a structured board of directors, which includes memberships, partner decisions, board members, and a voting system.

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment contributes significantly to the growth of the Kingdom’s economy and increases job opportunities. Our services assist foreign investors with creative and effective solutions in order to promote foreign investment in the kingdom.

Mediation and Reconciliation Services

Mediation is the first choice in dispute resolution where our team mediates and proposes solutions to resolve disputes between the two parties. We take into account the perspective of each party to develop legal methods that satisfy both parties (without resorting to litigation) to find a solution in a timely, cost-effective way.


Not all bankruptcy cases are complicated, but they do require careful consideration from a professional team. No matter how difficult your company’s bankruptcy case is, we seek to provide you with advice that will assist you with debt collection and reorganization to help you regain financial stability.

Legal Consultation

Our legal advice is characterized by experience, accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality. Whether it is regarding a commercial case, liquidation of estates, or bankruptcy procedures; our consultants aim to assist your business in accordance with the legal requirements of your sector and your needs as a business owner.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

A clear contract draft is critical to the success of the contracting parties as it defines and preserves the rights of all parties – especially if disagreements arise. Considering this, our contract drafting service takes into account industry requirements to produce a clear and accurate contract. We offer contract drafting for supply contracts, purchase and sale contracts, and other forms of contracts in accordance with the Kingdom’s regulations and standards.

Notary Services

We counter fraud by ensuring that you obtain original, signed, and reliable documents from the notary office to protect your rights and property from forgery. Our notary services include establishing or rescinding power of attorneys, liquidating estate, authenticating sales contracts, sorting and segmenting real estate deeds, managing mortgage deeds and their dissolution.

Legal Translation

Legal texts differ from one country to another and any discrepancy in translating them can create confusion. Our professional team understands the complexity of translation and will translate texts as they are, ensuring the syntax and style matches the original text. More importantly, our team is experienced with different legal systems, which is significant in capturing the legal context of text.